Rachel Goodrich & Borscht Want You to Dance for Music Video Contest

Here's an opportunity to share with the world your dancing skills, whether they're genuine skills or totally embarrassing. Ex-Miami sweetheart Rachel Goodrich is making a music video, and has teamed up with Borscht to get you -- and your friends and your years of modern dance or years of a drunken rendition of something like it -- in on the fun.

Remember the last time she had a video contest? The song was "Light Bulb," arguably one of the cutest songs recorded by anyone ever. The second place-winning video, filmed in Wynwood, featured a classic rap video babe shaking her ass next to a car and kids with guns lip-syncing words like "Halo, hanging over my head/I hope you're never gonna fade out." That took the prize over a cute video featuring toys (and it's often mistaken for the first place winner). There are few guidelines for this contest, but good humor will surely help.

The Rules:
And check out the links on step #3 for the official information.

1. Make a video of yourself dancing to "Na Na Na." The song (stream it at Paste here), the first single off her upcoming record, is a slow, jangly, bouncy little groove about love, peppered with horns and handclaps and what sounds like a chorus of kids singing the actual "na na na"s. As Borscht says: "We like all kinds of dances-- interpretive, ballet, step, tap, jazz, breaking, modern...You can be as simple or extravagant and creative as you like. There are no rules as long as it's dancing to 'Na Na Na.'"

2. Upload the video to YouTube.

3. Post a link to the video in the comment section on the Borscht blog or the Sweat Records blog before the end of the day on September 1.

The best ones will be used in the music video. One winner will also receive a $500 cash prize, while ten others will be given an autographed copy of the album.

Even if you aren't declared an official winner, you could still end up in the video. And that's the goal, right? We suggest getting really cute and replacing yourself with dancing toys instead, or dancing as if it were a different song entirely. (But now we've jinxed you.) The winners will be announced October 1. Happy dancing!

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Monica Uszerowicz