Rachel Goodrich's Unveils "Monstermix," Sets Propaganda Gig

Although glockenspiel and ukelele queen Rachel Goodrich is no longer local -- she recently relocated to Los Angeles -- she's still a hometown hero. On the heels of the February release of her self-titled album, Goodrich is coming back for a few concerts in the area, including one at Propaganda on Sunday, March 27.

Tagging Goodrich simply as a singer-songwriter would be like calling Charlie Sheen just an actor. Gross underestimation for the sake of genre classifications! Anyhow, this breezy new album (streaming here) has many pleasures, including the sing-along bait "Na Na Na," kazoo anthem with a hint of gangsta, "Light Bulb," and a quick snippet called "G Dino" in which she pegs herself a "gangsta dinosaur."

If "G Dino" is the finest Goodrich track you've ever heard, might we recommend the "Monstermix," hosted by NYLON magazine.

It's included in this seven-minute smattering of beats and silliness

featuring several unreleased compositions. Think of Micachu & the

Shapes' constantly evolving pop scuzz, merry go round samples, squealing

children, and all of that lo-fi madness that colors a live show headed by RG.

Also on the bill for the evening is Miami's volatile new wave rockers Pretty Please, Atlanta's eclectic tunesmiths Quiet Hooves, and what sounds like Aphex Twin with vocals, Nite Club vs. the Little Star Dweller from Brooklyn. Intrigue through and through.

Rachel Goodrich. With Pretty Please, Quiet Hooves, and Nite Club vs. the Little Star Dweller. 8 p.m. Sunday, March 27 at Propaganda, 6 S. J St., Lake Worth. Tickets cost $5. Click here.

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