Radar Love

Few local bands can claim a stronger love/hate relationship with the world than Radar O'Reilly. It's hard to say where exactly it fits into the heavy metal world, though due to its outspokenness, it may be somewhere near classic/stoner rock. At least it ain't nü-metal, emo, or pop-punk. I'll tell you this (since I'm no longer allowed to talk about the tits at Gumwrappers): Radar O'Reilly has been quiet since this fine journal reported on some locals who were not "keen" on Radar O'Reilly bassist Death Metal Douglas' commitment to South Florida's music scene. Now it's your chance to be the freakin' judge! Whatever it is that the Radar does — be it play too long, love too hard, or dream of snappier garments — it's gonna be live, and it's gonna be loud. That's all you need.

Radar O'Reilly performs with Friendly Fire and Pyrohypnotik at 10 p.m. Saturday, January 21, at Gumwrappers, 3233 N. Ocean Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. There's a $5 cover for men. Call 954-565-9264.

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Abel Folgar