Radar vs. Wolf Versus You at Sweat Records Saturday

radar wolf.jpg
A long time ago I came to the painful realization that my dreams and aspirations would go unfulfilled. Publishing a collection of original poetry titled "Fetch Me the Pliers" by downtown Kabul's most exclusive post-Soviet literary house didn't bring in the cash. So I did what many failed losers do and devoted parts of my life to chronicling the local music scene.

I've been at it with gusto for the last decade. A friend, Mr. Tom Gorrio, ensured that for a large chunk of that time I did not go without loose women or top-shelf whiskey. God bless you, Mr. Tom Gorrio.

It shouldn't be news to our regular followers that I am a big fan of Gorrio's Baby Calendar and Call it Radar or that I am gung-ho over his home recordings or his latest effort Radar Vs. Wolf, which I think is the tits. This coming Saturday they'll be showing off their California meets South Florida je nais sais quoi at the always delightful Sweat Records,  alongside equally thought-provoking luminaries Danielle Steele and Boy Have Heart! Fun, local, live and FREE!

Radar Vs. Wolf with Danielle Steele and Boy Have Heart! on Saturday, May 8th at Sweat Records, 5505 NE 2nd AVE, Miami at 8 pm. Free admission for all ages. Visit

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Abel Folgar