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Radio-Active Records 12-Hour Record Store Day 2013 Report, Fort Lauderdale

We saw you. We saw you standing outside Radio-Active Records, as early as 2 a.m. on Saturday, April 20, 2013. We saw you panic a little when we walked into the store from the back door before it was time to open the front and sift through the records to see what our beloved Radio-Active Records received for the big day. Don't worry. We didn't take anything, just a little research. We saw you sweating your way through a ton of records to find the ones on your list and definitely caught you posting your finds to Instagram. We saw you come and go.

But New Times stayed. We powered through from hour one to hour 12 to help you fill in the blanks. Things got a little weird, a little hot, and a little wet. Here is our Radio-Active Records Record Store Day hour-by-hour rundown.

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8 a.m.: We arrive at Radio-Active in time to see the line coil around the block. It is hot. The kind of heat that doesn't just beat down on you from above but shrouds your skin in a sticky blanket of radiant warmth. The sun is barely above the skyline and a small group huddles by the back door of the shop, nervously waiting to be let in before the queue grows much longer and spots the vulnerable pod which we've become a part of. The fear sets in early, and you can feel the paranoia of hungry eyes from all around.

The devoted press up against the glass windows, waiting to be let loose on loads exclusive records released on this Record Store Day 2013. Through the glass of the front door, they can obviously see the back door come to life and make way for our preview.

Suddenly those closest to the front of the line, who can see inside of the store grow concerned. Threatened. Who were we? Fiddling through the new releases, catching undeserved glimpses of some of the most coveted titles. We don't take a thing. That would be unfair advantage. That could start a riot. Like the one last year over the only copy the shop received of Junta, Phish's 2012 RSD release.

Location is everything. If they could just see that the record they want is there, they'd be able to rest easy.

Rifling through the massive load of vinyl strategically tucked away toward the back of the store with a traffic pattern in mind, we were able to determine that in that load there only existed one Dave Matthews Band Live Trax box set. Aside from that, the actual count of each title in the store was hard to determine as Radio-Active's special touch is to integrate each title with no rhyme or reason, forcing one to feverishly browse, while discouraging the hoarder-like behavior often associated with enthusiastic collectors -- preventing the flippers from grabbing a stack of any one title, leaving a trail of E-bay auctioned heartache in their wake.

8:45 a.m.: Mikey Ramirez sets out to lay down the law. A series of drill-like directions fly off his tongue: When the door opens, go straight ahead and to the right. Those are the new releases. They are mixed in. There is no order. Good luck. To the left are bins of warehouse clearance records. An exciting and promising selection. Also in no order.

He walks a few feet back into the line to ask if everyone heard. No?

The drill repeats.

9 a.m.: Tension is high. The line has grown to triple its size, along with it, the aforementioned anxieties. When the lock of the single glass-paneled front door unlatches, it is the sound of a fever breaking. It isn't even 9:01, and the Live Trax has vanished, coveted by the very first in line. He arrived at 2 in the morning, specifically for it.

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