Radio-Active Records Hosting Girls Show (Sorta) on Friday

Fans of jangly indie rock across South Florida would be wise to visit Radio-Active Records' website this Friday for a revolutionary moment of internet music synergy: Matador Records act Girls will perform a live in-store show for your viewing pleasure.

Although the concert, which will feature material from the San Francisco band's heralded Father, Son, Holy Ghost, technically takes place 900 miles away at Grimey's in Nashville, a special Girls Across America event hosted by many of the finest independent record retailers will pipe Girls into anywhere that has an internet connection. A complete listing of the participating stores is here.

Just to give a taste of what is to come, here are two live clips from Girls' first TV appearance ever -- on last night's edition of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. First, this is "Honey Bunny":

And "My Ma":

Girls Live at Grimey's. 6 p.m. Friday, September 16. Via Radio-Active Records. Click here.

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