Radio-Active Records Hosts Wet Nurse and Suede Dudes on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Orlando's all-girl garage trio Wet Nurse will be performing alongside local fuzzmonsters Suede Dudes at Radio-Active Records. The price of admission is zero doll-hairs, making it cheaper than coffee and cigarettes. While staying in bed all day seems to be the name of the game these days, we encourage you to be social, not just because you are good-looking and charming but also because both bands are worth seeing and because free shows in excellent record shops aren't exactly common in these parts. If anything, you could let the bands serve as great background music while you dig for your vinyl fantasy.

Wet Nurse plays the kind of three-chord, snotty punk that is best described as the fauna of garages across the United States. The name is fitting as well, seeing as the three ladies are often drenched in sweat at the end of one of their highly energetic sets. They're making their way across the state, stopping here in Fort Lauderdale before moving onto Churchill's in Miami on Thursday. They've got a cassette out on Godless America Records. If you trashed your Walkman in the '90s like everyone else did or if you're in short supply of a Talkboy, don't worry; their EP is available on their official Bandcamp page.

Listen to "Wasted" here:

Fort Lauderdale's own Suede Dudes offers more fuzz than Chewbacca rolled up into a shag carpet burrito-style. With viciously shouted vocals, the heavy distortion effects creates a pithing needle of sonic intrusion, stabbing deep into your brain. The almost-surf-sounding riffs, coupled with classic garage-rock song structures, are sure to call images of amorphous psychedelic color wheels as you sway to the tambourine's menacing tempo.

Take a listen for yourself here with their song "I'm Sorry":

Wet Nurse and Suede Dudes. 8 p.m. Wednesday, August 17, at Radio-Active Records, 1930 E. Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Admission is free.

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Ryan Burk