Radio-Active Records' Mikey Ramirez's Top Ten LPs of All Time (sort of)

Sharing your personal musical favorites is an intimate act. It's like getting naked in front of another person. They can see your flaws. They know your predilection for Mariah Carey, which would be like a boil on your bottom. That Kraftwerk love, that's your smooth skin, and the Chris Brown stuff, it's that mole people either love or hate.

We were psyched that for Record Store Day, Radio-Active Records' Mikey Ramirez was willing to tell us his top ten favorite LPs of all time. This is some personal shit! Luckily, Ramirez's picks are a lot cooler than most of ours would be. So, it's musically like Jennifer Aniston getting all in the nude (you may hear yourself saying, "Nice tits!").

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There's no order to these picks, and as he said, "Keep in mind, this list is constantly changing." He introduced this list with, "This is almost impossible, but here it goes."

Black Flag

Tago Mago

Death in June
The Guilty Have No Pride

Depeche Mode

Brian Eno
Another Green World

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Richard Hawley
Truelove's Gutter

Killing Joke
Brighter Than a Thousand Suns

Computer World

Dance With Me

Don't miss Record Store Day on Saturday, April 21, at Radio-Active Records, 845 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Lil Daggers, Band in Heaven, Suede Dudes, Beach Day, Loud Valley, the Baron Sisters, DJs, food trucks, records... They've got it all.

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