Radio-Active Records Rocked Record Store Day in 2012

Can we say that Record Store Day is the best thing that happened to music since the Beatles? Sure, this is a big, awkward claim, but we're going to haphazardly make it anyway. There is nothing that brings people together like RSD to revel in the sounds and feel of good music and the crazy fun culture that surrounds it. 

We spent the day at Radio-Active Records, probably the best thing that's happened to Broward County since man arrived at these swampy lands. People came out early in swarms picking up special RSD releases and just regular old vinyl. The events started early in the morning while bands rocked through the afternoon into the night and over to Laser Wolf. 

The bands were wisely chosen and booked by Subculture. Suede Dudes and Beach Day represented the 954, gaining new fans and making the crowd swoon and sway. 

It was sort of a BYOB sitch, but people munched on meat from Latin Burger and sandwiches from Ms. Cheezious food trucks. There were a handful of vendors out back selling vintage clothing and housewares like neat-looking alarm clocks. Shirts were being silk-screened, and people were purchasing like madmen. 

Orlando's Loud Valley brought some not-too-loud music. It was surfy and chillsies, jazzy and funky. Three of the guys harmonized, and the whole crew played musical chairs with their instruments. Gonna buy that album next time we're at Radio-Active. They got the crowd dancing and swinging. 

Miami's Lil Daggers brought the noise. The room filled with rock 'n' roll and energy when they played. They closed out the night of performances at Radio-Active before everyone wandered over to Laser Wolf for craft brews and Carousel and the Band in Heaven, who performed in the courtyard. 

The whole affair was pleasant, to say the least. Laid-back and comfortable, people were friendly and felt like buying. In our attempt to not purchase any vinyl, we failed. But, alas, it's for a good cause. That's the cause of perpetuating great music and supporting a truly special record store that made a beautiful little scene come alive on Saturday. 

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