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Radio Triptych Art Show at Propaganda 4/15

As part of Propaganda's revitalized booking efforts, the venue's now going multimedia and more equal-opportunity in its celebration of local arts. Friday's Radio Triptych Art Show marries visual works with local sounds and opens it all up to all ages for a change. Come for the art, which comprises works by some 25 of South Florida's best young up-and-comers, including the nimble-fingered, cut-paper whiz Marc Paper Scissor. Stay for the music, which duly collects some of the best from across the three counties.

Representing Miami is Radioboxer, a coed act led by spark-plug frontwoman Jota Dazza, whose crowd interactions reach sweaty, Alice Glass-like skin-to-skin proportions. From the northern edge of South Florida comes Lavola, Jupiter's rock 'n' roll saviors whose eardrum-blasting, reverb-drowned take on space rock is destined for a larger galaxy. Finally, from an indefinable location in between — or maybe another planet entirely — is Astrea Corporation. With ethereal, mournful female vocals and echoing boom-bap beats, this is the 2011 answer to Portishead and one of the area's most promising new acts.

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