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Rammstein at BankAtlantic Center April 20

German six-piece Rammstein was among the great bogeymen of the late '90s, right up there with Marilyn Manson and Tool as bands you could blast in your room to disturb conservative parents. Indeed, much of the band's shtick, from its gut-churning, throbbing industrial take on metal to its deliberately provocative onstage antics, seemed tailor-made for teenage attention spans.

Rammstein shows are notorious for pyrotechnics, costumes, and ridiculous theatrics like simulated sodomy. In the band's homeland, where there is no First Amendment per se, it hasn't been received any better — Rammstein has been banned, put on a list of "media harmful to young persons," and generally derided. Of course, that's only made its siren song more attractive to legions of fans worldwide, and there is something of an absurd, over-the-top campiness about the band that is more entertaining than purely shocking. It's been nearly three years since the last proper Rammstein studio album, but this tour is a purely for-the-fans outing. Coming in support of a best-of compilation, Made in Germany 1995-2011, it's meant to bring out all the hits.

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