Rapper Bleubird's Top Five Cat Video Picks

Rapper Bleubird's Top Five Cat Video Picks

It's no secret that local rapper Bleubird is really into cats. Not only does he share a house with several feline friends but he has around ten "cattoos" on various parts of his body. His musical side project, Boyfriends Inc., even has a track titled "Lookin' Kittie."

As he gears up to perform Friday night at Black Locust Society's new monthly event at 5 Points Lounge, Bleubird took a moment to share some of his favorite YouTube cats.

Take a look after the jump. Beware, you might shed some tears.

5. Cat Versus Alligator
"This little idiot is really into protecting chicken."

4. Maru 
"Maru = my favorite cat on the internet."

3. Holy Fuck - Red Lights
"These cats can really play, and that one guy is a superb driver."

"This still gets my beez in a bonnet."

1. Christian the Lion
"Always good for a tear..."

BLS954, with performances from Bleubird, Protoman, Astrea Corp, Jabrjaw, and Gaps; DJs Sensitive Side and Chair Weiner; and live screen printing by Jinx Remover. 10 p.m. Friday, May 25, at 5 Points Lounge, 2608 S. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. $5 cover. This is a monthly event. Click here.   

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