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Reactions to Tragic Twitter #Cut4Bieber Fad

Update: Even creepier still, the #cut4Bieber hash was seeded by internet trolls months back. It was originally a hoax created to have fans cut their hair because they said Bieber had cancer. It's not certain how many images of sliced wrists are authentic. It's clear the Internet is the tool. Trolls are the enemy. 

Original Article: We all knew there was something dark and sinister going on in the minds of the most extreme Bieber fans. Their newest trend proves not only that these are the sickest group of obsessives, but also, sort of a sad group of kids with totally weird priorities. 

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This past week, it's become clear that Bieber has enjoyed a few blunts with his pal, Young Money rapper, Lil' Twist. For some reason, his fans are upset. Like upset in a way that you'd think he was regularly freebasing cocaine at elementary schools. 

But never underestimate the dramatics of teenage girls. In order to, who knows, guilt, Justin Bieber out of smoking spliffs, young chicks are cutting themselves until the pop start stops puffing. The really shitty part? They're tweeting about it with the hashtag #cut4bieber. 

These girls need to learn a thing or two about manipulation, that goes without saying. But also, can somebody call their parents? Or at the very least, make them watch Half Baked?  

When did marijuana become a drug we soil our panties over? I thought the last group to drop the war on weed was the White House. This is the problem with a generation of kids assured there are no losers. They have an odd sense of who's in control. 

"#cut4bieber? Cutting is NOT something to joke about. There are people who are actually suffering from self-harm, this is so disrespectful."

And, for once, she's not wrong. Cutting is a sad affair, something that will happen, and always has happened. The internet only adds another dimension of tragedy and alienation to it. At the risk of presenting an Oprah on Twitter moment: Girls, no one's gonna give you self-esteem or common sense. You gotta get that stuff yourself. #realtalk

Biebs has yet to comment. But really, what can he say to these tragic, faceless self-mutilating cyber-bullies? He's an 18-year old Canadian pop star who, presumably, is now in need of a really good therapist. 

Others on Twitter are responding with a variety of "cutter" jokes. Like there's a pic of a guy
threatening to cut his balls off (complete with nut sack shot). People are pouring ketchup on their wrists and drawing lines on their forearms with red pens. Super sensitive Twitter-type stuff. 

Although one hundred percent still tasteless, here are a few less offensive responses to @cut4bieber: 
Religious humor.
Computer nerd humor. 

Real nerd humor. 
#cut4bieber stoner humor.

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