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Reader's Poll: Which Broward-Palm Beach Band is the Most Overrated?

"That chillwave band is so overrated compared to that glo-fi band."
​Just so everyone is prepared to throw a fit and/or send us big, sloppy e-kisses, New Times Broward-Palm Beach's Best Of issue is out June 17. Until then, we'd like to get some information from you, faithful readers. Which of the many bands that we write about -- or perhaps we don't write about them enough and you like overwrought bloggery -- is the Most Overrated Band in all of the Broward-Palm Beach coverage area?

To get your minds in the right place, we present links to 2009's Best Of Arts & Entertainment selections below.

Best Hip-Hop Artist: Butta

Best Experimental Musician: Kenny

Best Metal/Hardcore Band: Poison

the Well
Best Live Band: Jesse

Best New Electronica Artist: Panic

Best Band to Break Up in the Past 12 Months: The

Best Male Rock Vocalist: Charlie

Pickett of Charlie Pickett & the Eggs
Best Female Rock

Vocalist: Alicia

Olink of Kill Miss Pretty
Best Tribute Act: Rockit

to Russia
Best Country Band: The

Best Club DJ: Marvelous

Best Album: Rachel

Goodrich's Tinker Toys

Here are the 2009 Readers'

Choice selections in

the music range:
Best Local Album: The J.Hexx Project's The

Seven Doorz To Death/Twitch of the Deadz Nervez
Best Band: BitchFire

Local Hip-Hop Artist: The

J.Hexx Project
Best Club DJ: DJ

Ed Whitty

Now be merciless! This is not the time to hold back when we're dealing with a band so reeking with overrated manure. Leave your suggestions in the comments section, please.

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