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Ready to Be Even More Tired after Art Basel This Year? First Annual Miami Music Festival Scheduled for Dec. 10 to 12

​Almost right after this year's edition of Art Basel Miami Beach -- which everyone knows is largely about the satellite parties and concerts, anyways -- comes a new shebang. The first annual Miami Music Festival is scheduled for December 10 to 12. Well, Basel goes from Dec. 3 to 6 this year, so that'll give you about three and a half days to repair your lungs, liver, and nasal cavities.

That simple name doesn't really reflect the planned scope of this event, either -- while it sounds like any of the random "festivals" going on every weekend featuring a million local bands... This is a big-deal industry thing, sponsored by BMI, featuring a million local bands. There aren't too many public details yet, but BMI and its cohorts in the event are positioning this as a real-deal industry-style marathon of showcases, with a reported planned 600 performances on 25 different stages. (Downtown Miami has that many stages?) 

The event is set to center around "the Brickell area of downtown

Miami," so the main venues are most likely Tobacco Road, Transit

Lounge, and other places in that 'hood usually not solely dedicated to

live music.

The festival, however, is set to focus on "Latin, Urban, Caribbean, and

Jazz," which misses out on the new, larger picture of music in the

city. Hey, even the New York Times recognizes there is other stuff going on, and focusing on these genres does little to dispel the outside world's notion of the musical community here. Maybe the focus will evolve over time, though -- the

festival's web site says it will include "alternative and pop," and 600

performances is a lot to fill, so it's still worth it for everyone to apply for a slot to play.

Visit for more details on the application process, and stay tuned to Crossfade in the coming months for more updates on the lineup and venues.

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