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REBEL Release Party - Green Room - May 19

The anticipated delivery of REBEL's new EP Locations was finally actualized at Green Room in Fort Lauderdale this past weekend. The band spent time out of the limelight since last November, but you wouldn't know it by their essentially flawless performance. When we talked with the trio last week, they told us how stoked they were about being able to present their newest venture to a club packed with fans, family, and friends -- the triple-threat of the music world. REBEL turned out a killer live show. The crowd was on their feet before you could say "Who wants another shot?!"

Opening for REBEL was the solo performer Boxwood, a seemingly quiet dude whose eclectic mix of noise, electro, and sticker-covered acoustic guitar would have most people thinking he's got at least three other musicians on stage with him. But nope! The twist of "the one man band" genre is definitely brought to a new level. 

Boxwood's refreshingly new sound and quality musicianship did well in a dance club on a busy Saturday night. It's not something we're typically accustomed to, especially as the likes of LMFAO and T-Pain seeped through the door and down the hallway that connects Green Room to America's Backyard (although the notorious 2-4-1 "Pool Waters" made it at least a little more tolerable). This reminded us of the lack of quality and originality pumped out to the masses on the reg.  

Boxwood's focus on music is noteworthy: He made sure his pedal-work was perfectly in sync with his vocals, backtracks, and every other element infused in the stellar live performance. Kudos to you, Mr. Boxwood! 

In between sets, Green Room's resident DJ Sweetswirl provided a plethora of oh-so-popular dance anthems for partygoers, none of which forgot their dancing shoes. The room was flooded with lively groups of friends and strangers who had three things on their mind: dance, dance, dance. When the boys of REBEL finally took to the stage, the gobs of REBEL T-shirt and red-bandana wearing supporters congregated around the stage, eagerly awaiting the start of the show.

Finally, at nearly 1 a.m. (which, for the record, is a little ridiculous, especially because by that time nearly everyone is sloppy drunk, loud, and there is a mysterious sticky substance covering the dance floor. Girls have already kicked their uncomfortable shoes to the side. It's just a hot mess), REBEL started their jam. They opened with "Time," the first live introduction to Locations. Bassist Izzy poured out smooth riffs, AJ pounded away on the drums like they owed him money, and Micke's melodic voice sweetly carried up to the second floor balcony. It seemed like the guys managed to make "Time" stand still.

The band moved effortlessly from one song to another, with little pauses in between, so that Micke could plug the band's merch table and upcoming shows. They played a nice blend of old and new songs, some more danceable than others. In fact, shortly after 1:15, Micke shouted over the mic "Who's ready to dance?!" and the crowd went nuts. The upbeat tempo and rhythm is what really hyped everyone up as the guys began playing "All Ignites" from their 2010 EP INTRCPTR

If anything can be said to the contrary of REBEL's epic-ness, it was that the vocals were way too low, even close to the stage. So, dear sound guy, whoever you are, turn that shit up!

The performances wrapped up when The Reckless Dames burlesque troop performed sultry numbers. This included a fire act by Miss Eva Patron, a hula-hoop number by the lovely Rex Rex, and the always enchanting Miss Onyx Star, beautiful and talented, even when wearing an obscure, semi-creepy cow mask. 

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: I'm not mad at the 2-4-1 drinks before midnight. It added to the fun-sexy time.

Random: Thank you little baby Jesus and the air conditioning gods of Green Room for keeping the AC on frigid, it helped the jack-and-Coke fever.

The Crowd: Decked out in REBEL gear. Red bandanas were passed out to friends and fans. They were a little kitschy and tacky, but cute. It's just nice seeing friends support friends. The band members are also very handsome gentlemen, in leather jackets, and skinny jeans.

Overhead: "I'm going to have a goddamn seizure if they keep up the strobe lights, this is not a dub-step rave." - TRUE

Set List:
"All Ignites"
"Johnny From the Sky"
"Warning Sirens"
"New Walls"
"Ready Set Fire"

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