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Reefer, Boobies, and Brawling: Five Predictions for Meek Mill's Bash at King of Diamonds

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Last month we realized that -- all of a fucking sudden -- we couldn't

escape rapper Meek Mill.

The Maybach Music MC is everywhere, including

on stage with hip-hop royalty, on YouTube supporting stem-cell

research, and hogging the limelight in Mariah Carey music


Next stop on the rapper's worldwide tour of everywhere? King of

Diamonds! Yes, Meek Mill will perform at the

world-renowned boobie emporium megaplex on Friday, September 28.

We've spent a lot of time documenting the highly explicit exploits

undertaken at hip-hop's most beloved Costco-sized titty bar. And we

suspect we've got a pretty keen idea on what's going to unfold.

Here are five highly-informed predictions for Mill's upcoming bash.

5. Meek Mill Is Ready For His Close-up

If an MC shamelessly pours currency all over the unsheathed flesh of

an exotique performer, but no one's around to upload the smart phone

pixxx to Instagram, does he still get a trip to VIP? If Meek Mill is

truly the

reincarnation of Tupac Shakur, he knows that the key to hip-hop

immortality is leaving behind enough self-documentation so that over a

decade after you die, people

will be able to watch your homies watch you get laid, and beam

you onto the stage at festivals like a

million-dollar PowerPoint presentation.

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