Ten years gone

Remember Jeff Buckley Tonight at Circa 28

It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since beautiful troubadour Jeff Buckley went for a final midnight swim in the mighty Mississippi. Ten years since Grace, ten years since that last, haunting “Hallelujah.” But like so many other stars with silver screen looks who have died young – Buckley was just 30 at the time, with a long and prolific career that seemed to stretch before him – death has turned him into an icon.

Buckley released but one album in his lifetime, 1994’s Grace. (Since his death, many other recordings have been released.) Just last week, a “best of” album hit store shelves. There’s more than enough material for fans to cover and celebrate tonight at Circa 28. Starting at 8:00 p.m., shaggy haired emo types and Nineties babies who remember the brighter days when

“Last Goodbye” was featured as an MTV Buzz Clip (remember? Back when MTV was all about featuring really good music videos, not hosting disgustingly ostentatious My Super Sweet Sixteen parties), will gather to bow their heads and pay homage to the man who had so many more ballads to croon. No doubt, they’ll be listening to this song. And yes, there will be weeping and moaning, and heavy-hearted rumination about what could have been. --Patrice Yursik

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