remix.nin.com - a Cool Model for Fan Interactivity

I'm sure I'm late in the game on discovering this one, but Trent Reznor has proved once again that, love him or hate him, he's always been a forward thinker. Newly freed from the shackles of his contact with Interscope, he's launched a new site at remix.nin.com.

It's a platform for fans to deconstruct Nine Inch Nails songs, remix them, and upload them for other fans to hear and download. There are podcasts, playlists, streams galore of the results, which are mostly sorted through listeners' votes on the tracks.

The site's dark, with tiny type and pop-up flash menus, which makes it a little hard and tiresome to navigate. But it offers a cool spin on fan interactivity (the only caveat: no samples of material copyrighted by anyone other than NIN). Check it out here. -- Arielle Castillo

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