Renda Writer Variety Show and Open Mic Three Year Anniversary Tonight

"'Variety is the spice of life.' That's the quote that's kind of the

governing principle behind every event I do, but especially this one," says artist, promoter, former WeMerge chief editor, and Ellen DeGeneres fan Renda Writer.

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Besides a stint in L.A., Writer is a Fort Lauderdale staple. The second Wednesday of the month at Stage 84 has been devoted to his variety show and open mic night. The October edition and three year, that's right, three year, anniversary kicks off tonight at 8 p.m. The reason we should all head over tonight? Writer's promising that good shit. He says, "What people can expect tonight is great times, not good times, but great times."

Tonight, Dollar Menu and singer-songwriter Eric Parsons bring the music, and Christian Welch the poetry. Writer says of the latter, he's

"absolutely phenomenal, and that's a lot, coming from me because I am

myself a poet, and have seen hundreds of poets perform in my years of

being an active promoter on the scene, but Christian certainly ranks at

the top of what I've seen."

Writer refuses to book acts or artists he's never seen before, so if you're interested in getting on that stage (84), you should look for him, introduce yourself, and show the crowd you don't suck. The night will be filled with free flowing craft beers and thick artsy vibes. If you missed the past three years, here's your chance to catch up with Renda Writer.

Renda Writer Variety Show and Open Mic, 8 p.m. to 2 p.m. at Stage 84 Music Cafe, 9118 West State Road 84, Davie.

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