Respectable Street's 23rd Anniversary Party Adds Artists

After announcing the first 15 bands set to rock West Palm Beach's 500 block of Clematis Street a couple weeks ago, Respectable Street has unveiled eight more local artists taking part in its 23rd Anniversary Street Party on Saturday, July 31, with the telling tagline: The Oblivion Continues.

The new artists chosen to help fill out the four-stage event include the Band In Heaven, Zombies! Organize!!, People From Venus, Guy Harvey, Alexander, Blond Fuzz, the Dewars, and

Leading The Heroes.

These bands join previously announced artists MillionYoung, Awesome New Republic, The Hard Richards, Fusik, Lavola,

The State Of, Music Is A Weapon, Kill Miss Pretty, The Mission Veo, Shit

Ton Of Funk, Astari Nite, Retrocities, Everymen, Goolsby, and Trip Don't


Also confirmed at the nine-hour blowout fest, open bar and free pizza for the revelers who join the party between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., and a ping pong ball drop, which looks something like this. We're under good authority that the prizes involved are better than just new ping pong balls for home use.


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