Respectable Street's '80s Prom 2014 Was Totally Tubular (PHOTOS)

Time-travel machines might still be hard to come by, but with Respectable Street's yearly '80s flashback to the past within your reach, it's like yesterday is today.

The eighth '80s prom was a full-on spectacle, as well as the only place where it was proper to dress like Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Robert Smith, or Teen Wolf on Saturday night. While costumes and permitted booze helped differentiate this dance from your high school counterpart, another thing that set it apart was clear: Wallflowers were not allowed. The dance floor was straight packed all night with confident booty-shakers regardless of the outside embarrassment level of their moves. It was a major upgrade to the real-world-prom counterpart.

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Although you didn't have to dress up to be a part of the fun, you were a lot cooler if you did. While technically the theme was '80s prom, partygoers focused on the whole concept of the decade. It was amazing to see that not every chick in the room copped out by simply rocking a side pony with scrunchy but instead made her costume as legit and authentic as she could. Local thrift stores must have made a killing off the night, and the badass costumes made all the scavenging for the weird and wild worth it.

What's better than watching a totally realistic Teen Wolf rock out to Hall and Oates? Not much. And "everyone" was there: Marty McFly, "Like a Virgin"-era Madonna, Run D.M.C., Robert Smith, and even Boy George. Bonus points to "Beat It" Michael Jackson, who performed the entire choreographed dance onstage for everyone to revel in.

With Pretty in Pink projected on the wall and "One Night in Bangkok" wailing away, it was impossible to be in a bad mood. The punch was spiked on purpose and a mere three bucks, which had the totally tubular party vibe putting your best friend's 21st, similarly themed birthday party to shame. The only problem with the dance floor was that it was too packed -- your best bet was to get out there early and stay out, because you want plenty of space when it's time bust into the Outfield's "Your Love."

The stars of the night weren't just the king or queen or the guy with the killer Ghostbusters' costume. The real star (light, star bright!) was the good vibes. That general, "we are all here to be ourselves" quality that Respectable's most appreciative regulars have mastered was alive and well, flowing form the patio to the inside stage.

With no work on Monday and a random occasion to dress up, this eighties prom was a huge success. And while the costumes made the night into a massive catwalk, in pure Respectables fashion, this event was a very "come as you are" party.

And yes, that is a reference to '90s homecoming.

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