Review: Guy Harvey Music Video Shoot at Respectable Street, June 17

Guy Harvey's "The Rope" Video Shoot
Respectable Street, West Palm Beach
Thursday, June 17, 2010

Video director Carlos Charlie Perez flew down from New York earlier in the day to capture the loose-limbed Lake Worth quartet Guy Harvey barreling through a catchy post-punk set in West Palm Beach on Respectable Street's back patio as part of the weekly Flaunt Thursdays party. Assembled footage of the Back to the Beach-themed shoot will be used for a video of "The Rope." The crowd didn't necessarily look totally '80s, as the flier requested, but their hearts were in the right place. As the night wore on, the dancing got heavier close to the band, and there might have been a few moments when the audience forgot they were being filmed.

Previously, Perez filmed a series of promotional

clips for Vampire Weekend's latest album, Contra,

a slow-motion school play video

featuring a samurai sword and a freaky

dance studio clip for Brooklyn art-rockers Fang Island, and several

other projects created through a psychedelic lens. With only a bright lamp and his digital camera, Perez followed Guy Harvey through a spot-on performance that looked something like this:

Judging by the guys' tight set, cemented by Drew Locke's work behind the drum kit, this video is going to be an authentic portrayal of the Guy Harvey work ethic. Frontman Adam Perry's "chick wearing a bikini" T-shirt was priceless, but you'll have to watch the finished product once it's ready to see every risque bit.

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