Richard Marx Plans to "Get Everybody Riled Up" at Parker Playhouse This Friday

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Richard Marx - "Beautiful Goodbye"

Well let me ask you, would you ever consider doing another 24-hour media blitz like you did back in when was it, '91?

It wasn't 24, but it was close! I'm too old for that now, it would kick my ass. I'd like to think that I could do it and I probably could, I certainly could but it was a long day then and we had our own private jet you know what I mean? It wasn't some form of hardship and it was exciting, all the shows were free and all the fans that came out were just going crazy at the airports and it was a really fun day and if it were to come up again, I'm sure I would do it. There's also a part of me that feels like why tempt fate? I already did that so instead of doing something crazy, maybe I'd do something a little different.

Let's talk about the new album, Beautiful Goodbye, the last one was ten years ago, the last full-length?

Something like that, I don't really keep track. But it's been a while.

OK, what can you tell us about this album?

The only reason for the long gap was because I wasn't particularly compelled to put out an album of my own as I was busy making music and working with a ton of other artists and basically just living life, enjoying my life.

When you make an album, put out an album, you make a commitment way beyond just making the record. You have to really invest time and energies into promoting a new record. So it wasn't really until I realized that I had written a few songs that it felt like it was the start of an album and there was a theme both musically and lyrically that felt right for me, which was I'd written many, many songs about "forever," "to eternity" all of that, which I'm still proud of but I've just found that there was a whole new well of poetry and musical ideas that were more about writing an album that was designed for seduction.

More about sensuality and less about deep commitment and emotion, because most people, you know, most people at that dance, when you first are attracted to somebody and you're circling each other in those early days and weeks and months -- that's such an exciting time between two people. And I just hadn't really explored that as much as I had long-term, committed, romantic relationships. So I wanted the music to be sexy too, I thought about it, and I haven't really heard an album designed for seduction in a really long time, maybe since Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music back in the '80s, those records were really sexy.

So that was sort of the impetus, and once I had sort of accidentally written a couple of the songs, I thought that it would be a lot of fun to write a whole album like this. So I just dove into it and it was really fun, one of the most enjoyable album-making projects that I've ever experienced.

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