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Rick Ross' Floyd Mayweather Dis Rings True After Welterweight Bout "Cheap Shot"

This past Saturday, HBO presented arguably the highest-billed boxing event of the year, a title fight featuring Mexican-American WBC Welterweight champ Victor Ortiz and challenger Floyd Mayweather Jr. At the end of four rounds, a headbutt, a sucker punch, and a screaming temper tantrum, the sentiment regarding the spectacle unleashed by still-undefeated winner (and new champ) Mayweather has left a sour taste in the mouths of most -- unlike a 12-piece order of lemon pepper wings from Wingstop.

However, these types of antics from Mayweather are commonplace, and he shoots off at the mouth before almost every fight. As the adage goes, don't talk shit unless you can back it up. With an undefeated record of 42-0, he has certainly proven that he can, but this hasn't stopped a few from voicing their disapproval, namely that of Miami rapper and Tate's Comics regular Rick Ross.

Allow us to recap the chain of events that unfolded during the match.

The first round was a tight one, with neither side cleanly landing any punches. As the second round progressed, Mayweather's exceptional technique began to show as he landed several hard right hands to Ortiz. This continued into the third round as another clean right hand dazed Ortiz, whose face began to swell noticeably.

The controversy unfolded in the fourth. After bullying Mayweather onto the ropes, Ortiz unleashed a flurry of punches, putting him back onto his heels. The momentum caught a snag as Ortiz threw a vicious headbutt, which prompted the referee to deduct a point from the southpaw, which resonates eerily as one is reminded of a previous matchup with Zab Judah. As the crowd jeered, Ortiz apologized, going as far as to embrace his opponent. As he backed out, the cardinal rule of boxing was reinforced to him: Protect yourself at all times. Mayweather threw a left hook as Ortiz let his guard down. A wave of boos followed, and Ortiz looked to the referee, another costly mistake. While distracted, his assailant threw a crushing straight right hand that knocked him out instantly.

Although what Mayweather did was not necessarily illegal in boxing, it does reflect poorly on his character, which Rick Ross and others would say is already questionable.

As seen in an interview first posted by WorldStarHipHop, Ross expresses his true feelings on the current highest-paid boxer, immediately calling him a girl.

This is in reference to a remix for Ross' song "Go," which makes several harsh zings:

According to the internets, there has been something of an ongoing beef between the two, who have responded back and forth to each other in a series of videos on YouTube. It's no secret that Pretty Boy Floyd has buddied up to 50 Cent is recent years, making multiple appearances alongside the New York rapper, who even walked alongside him as he made his entrance to the ring on Saturday.

It seems that Floyd is becoming more and more entwined into the realm of hip-hop, which is of no surprise as he regularly flaunts his ballerdom with expensive cars, clothes, and huge stacks of cash. It would be only natural from him to gravitate to this realm as he already lives the lifestyle of the most successful names in music. A beef with a rapper is now just another item to check off on the veritable bucket list of shit that rappers do.

There has been something of a backlash, though. Leading up to the fight, the Los Angeles Times sternly criticized Floyd's behavior on the HBO documentary 24/7, calling an altercation between Mayweather and his father "one of the more startling scenes of public family dysfunction you will ever witness."

The Los Angeles Times is not alone in this sentiment. After Saturday's fight, Mayweather's interview with 80-year-old HBO commentator Larry Merchant brought up the issue of the cheap shot. Eventually, Mayweather degenerated into a wild shouting tirade, saying "You never give me a fair shake. HBO need to fire you. You don't know shit about boxing. You ain't shit!" Merchant cooly replied to this by saying, "I wish I was 50 years younger -- I'd kick your ass."

We'd love to provide video clips from the fight in question, but all videos have been removed due to copyright infringement from HBO. But there is this.

HBO will is scheduled to replay this controversial match for subscribers this Saturday at 9:45 p.m. EST. For more information, visit HBO's official boxing website.

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