Rick Ross: Grammy Week, Stepping Into Rival Turf, and Accepting Death

Rozay's Bentley ate a clip full bullets last week, and the man made a song, hired an arsenal of mercenaries, and stepped into the home turf of the guy whose name he stole.

Grammy weekend is here, and Rick Ross is gonna either live or die in L.A.

We expect he'll grab an award or two, smoke some of Cali's finest, and be back home in time for lunch at Wing Stop.

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What's up with the Bawse right now? Let Twitter tell the tale. Tonight, the big man has a show in Phoenix Arizona. And he ain't scared. Bitch.

But does this tweet signal a sign of fatalism in the Boss?

He had a brush with mortality on that Las Olas ride. Even if he doesn't go down in a hail of gunfire, Rick Ross will one day die, and probably hopes somebody will smoke one in his memory too.

And in a pro-social acknowledgement of death at the hands of gun violence, the Maybach Music Group salutes Trayvon Martin, Miami Gardens neighbor:

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Jacob Katel