Rick Ross King of Diamonds Release Party Very Unofficial Pre-Game Mixtape

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We've had an overwhelmingly Bawse-centric week here at County Grind. First we posted what can be summed up as a God Forgives I Don't Record Release Party Survival Guide. Next, we made our own Bawse beards. Then we went over to the Pembroke Pines Best Buy and even met Rick Ross while pretending to be Rick Ross.

What's next? Well, the actual release party at King of Diamonds, of course! One of our survival guide pre-party suggestions involved conjuring up a mixtape, or iPod playlist, if you must, of real hood ass tunes to get your blood pumping on the way to "da" club.

We're gonna take care of that one for you here, make life easier as you scrounge around under the couch looking for dollars to throw around at KoD. Here is a Pre-KoD Bawse Record Release Party Mixtape, presented to you by Country Grind.

Waka Flocka Flame - "Grove St. Party"
"Grove St. Party" hasn't made the rotation in a while for us, so it's the perfect time to give it some shine right here. The song is pretty much that crunk shit you're about, plain and simple. The Lex Luger beat (which sounds a lot like Zomby) has that hypnotiq haze flowing all down its vertebrae. The beat's like the bounce of a thousand ass cheeks. And with Flocka in typical knucklehead fashion, this song will get you into the mood to be a fuckin' silly mess at KoD.

Future - "Tony Montana"
Probably one of the more ignorant rap tracks of 2012 (technically 2011), this tune still makes us wanna get hyphy as fuck. It's sorta that put-on-your-sunglasses-while-driving-on-the-turnpike-at-night song. That go-bologna-on-exit-14-on-I95 shit. And yep, rappers are still alluding to this fucking movie for some reason. Seriously, who's gonna be brave enough to compare themselves to Walter White on their next tape?

Hot Boys - "I Need A Hot Girl"
The bounce genre may not define our SoFla rap identity, but it definitely gets played on 99Jamz whether you

realize it or not. Pre-Big Tymers/YMCMB posse Hot Boys championed the

sound in NoLa back in the late '90s and early aughts. Their intention was to get girls on extra grimey mode.

Bonus: You sorta get a glimpse at Lil

Wayne before he turned into a giant weirdo here.

Sasha Go Hard - "A & E"
If this song were a user-uploaded homemade video on World Star Hip Hop it'd be probably be this one (click here). The Chicago-born bad bitch known as Sasha Go Hard acts a damn fool on this track, bulldozing through four minutes of what seems like one giant middle finger to her frenemies. The entire track kinda feels like that moment where you're seesawing your options before deciding to beat the shit out of a shade-throwing hoe/fuckboy.

Shawnna ft. GMG - "Lap Dance"

fucking best trend right now in ratchet bitch rap is girls flossing

over Tyga's "Lap Dance" beat (produced by Lex Luger). This video specifically offers some borderline pornographic shit. This song has the potential to get your girl

dancing naked onstage with the dancers at KoD. Just be warned, bruh.

Even if that's the case, your chick got butt-neked to the most hoodrat shit ever, and you guys'll likely still be together the next morning.

Sissy Nobby - "Like A Hurricane"
This might be a curveball, but curveballs are good, especially when

crafting banger-pon-banger mixtapes. Sissy Bounce probably won't get

played at KoD, and that's a shame because the music transcends its

homosexual narratives. Its aim is just to bounce dat ass.


Sissy Nobby is a badass. He doesn't look too

different from someone like T-Pain. So, masculine, feminine, subversive, whatever. That's all bullshit. Just put your hands on the wall, bend over, and shake dat

ass (but not in your vehicle)

Trina - "Look Back At Me" ft Killer Mike

course. The original baddest bitch. Trina still reigns as the top mama in

this here rap game, and yep her lyrical content still revolves around fuckin'. So ladies, make this one your anthem, if it isn't already.

Rick Ross - "King of Diamonds"

can't write a list about a pre-Rick Ross record release party mixtape

without including Rozay on it. This tune is just bonafide trap shit.

Probably should be the first tune on your tape though, since everything about

your night should be this song actualized.

Meek Mill - "House Party"

This song might be the best tune of all time. Okay, probably not

(probably). Though, something about the beat and Meek Mill makes you

wanna get to doing stupid shit a little early in your night. Maybe save

this tune for last.

Trick Daddy - "Shut Up"

SoFla anthem, no doubt. In your head, you're probably thinking of better Trick Daddy songs than this one for a pre-titty-bar tape, but shut the fuck

up. We're making the lists here.

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