Rick Ross King of Diamonds Release Party Very Unofficial Pre-Game Mixtape

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Shawnna ft. GMG - "Lap Dance"

fucking best trend right now in ratchet bitch rap is girls flossing

over Tyga's "Lap Dance" beat (produced by Lex Luger). This video specifically offers some borderline pornographic shit. This song has the potential to get your girl

dancing naked onstage with the dancers at KoD. Just be warned, bruh.

Even if that's the case, your chick got butt-neked to the most hoodrat shit ever, and you guys'll likely still be together the next morning.

Sissy Nobby - "Like A Hurricane"
This might be a curveball, but curveballs are good, especially when

crafting banger-pon-banger mixtapes. Sissy Bounce probably won't get

played at KoD, and that's a shame because the music transcends its

homosexual narratives. Its aim is just to bounce dat ass.


Sissy Nobby is a badass. He doesn't look too

different from someone like T-Pain. So, masculine, feminine, subversive, whatever. That's all bullshit. Just put your hands on the wall, bend over, and shake dat

ass (but not in your vehicle)

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