Rick Ross Loves Comic Books, Voltron Especially

This past weekend, the Teflon Don himself, Rick Ross, was spotted at Tate's Comics in Lauderhill. If there ever was a comics shop worthy of Ricky Rozay, it would be a previous winner of the illustrious Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award, recognizing it as the best comic shop in the world at one point. Thus, even without the Florida-bred rapper gracing the aisles, this is a "baller status" store.

While the appearance seems almost out of nowhere, our sources

say he is something of a regular -- yet he has never been featured as customer of the month.

"Oh, he's great. Really calm and quiet, until you get him started talking about Voltron," says JoAnn, who has worked at the store for the past 15 years.

Yes, it's true. Rick Ross loves Voltron. We might've guessed Kingpin, but no biggie.

She recalled his previous purchases, saying that he was particularly interested in Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Transformers items.

When asked about his last visit, she recalled the scale of operation it takes when he comes in.

"He always needs extra help from the staff. He's always buying the life-sized statues and sculptures we have. We have to get them down off of the walls or out of the big display cases. They're huge!"

And what did he buy this time? A large Shogun Warriors statue and a pair of six-foot tall mannequins; a fully equipped Stormtrooper and Darth Vader.

"He's always so polite to everyone -- takes photos, signs autographs, talks to people," she adds. "We love having him!"

He even took the time for a photo with Tates' staff:

Some rappers spend their money on diamonds, cars, and women. So does Rick Ross, but aside from other textbook cases of ballerdom, he's also got comic swag!

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