Rick Ross Outside Fiona Apple Concert in "911" Video; We Know Why He's Hot for Fiona

Rick Ross Outside Fiona Apple Concert in "911" Video; We Know Why He's Hot for Fiona

Sometimes rappers can seriously surprise you with their taste in music. Look at someone like Big Boi and his possible collabo with goddess Kate Bush, or alternative producer and composer Jon Brion's production credits on Kanye's Late Registration. Guess we just prefer the idea of rappers blasting Toto's "Africa" in the whip over the new Chief Keef tape. Nothing more ratchet than Toto's "Africa." Nothing.

Well, in Rick Ross' "911" video, the Rozay equivalent of the Beach Boys' "In My Room" (dude loves his Porsche 911), we catch a shot of Mr. Ross parked alongside the theater of a sold out Fiona Apple show. This led us to ponder a plethora of questions, like, is Rick Ross into Fiona Apple? If so, what's his favorite album? Is it her debut, Tidal, a flawed yet fuck-you album? Or is it her sophomore release, When the Pawn..., an awesome yet fuck-you album? 

After careful analysis of both songwriting and overall "uhhhhh" deliverables, County Grind figured out why exactly Rick Ross was at the Fiona Apple show.

Ross' homage to Fiona Apple

On to some Apple...

5. Extraordinary Machine is produced by the same dude who made "The Real Slim Shady"
We know there's two different versions of this record flying around, one solely produced by Jon Brion and the other by Mike Elizondo, studio producer for dudes like Eminem, Dr. Dre, and 50 Cent. The Jon Brion joint is more choral and very popular with music snobs. The Elizondo version (the final cut) is more clear, and packed with Elizondo's bass flex. We'd like to think that Rick Ross feels more at home with an Elizondo-produced heartbreak release, a sound that inadvertently has ties to G-Unit, D12, and the G-funk movement. In a roundabout way, Extraordinary Machine is the female singer-songwriter's God Forgives, I Don't.

4. Fiona Apple is one of the baddest bitches
Just like Trina, and those before her, Fiona Apple embodies the archetypal bad bitch. She has no problem taking her clothes off on camera, writing songs about sex, and shrugging drama off like it's whatever (it takes her a full album to do so, but still). And with Rick Ross' planetary status as the boss, he probably gravitates toward women like the fabulous Ms. Apple.

3. Rick Ross has likely cried multiple times to "Oh Well"
He only listens to this album inside, and away from his MMG clique. There's a room deep inside the Boss' crib that holds a walkman and earbuds where Rick Ross blows off some emotional steam. Most goons would probably start a fight or drink it off, Rozay puts "Oh Well" on repeat and lets the tears roll coolly down his cheeks. This tune is the album's climax, and probably one of Apple's most bittersweet cuts. It hits Ross' heart at its core.

2. Rick Ross to recruit Fiona Apple for MMG?
We're anticipating an epic Maybach press conference announcing the newest member of Maybach Music Group. Within the year, we'll see an official Apple mixtape on DatPiff, along with in-the-studio teaser videos on YouTube, and an LP with a really short title.

1. Rick Ross wanted to confirm whether they were hitting up KoD or not after
Simple touching-base going on here. Rick Ross wanted to catch a couple of songs in Fiona's set, so he figured he'd hit up the show and make sure she was still all ready to go to KoD after. This video was shot in Los Angeles, so we're talking either a red eye to Miami or the L.A. KoD equivalent. You get the idea.


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