Rick Ross Outside Fiona Apple Concert in "911" Video; We Know Why He's Hot for Fiona

Sometimes rappers can seriously surprise you with their taste in music. Look at someone like Big Boi and his possible collabo with goddess Kate Bush, or alternative producer and composer Jon Brion's production credits on Kanye's Late Registration. Guess we just prefer the idea of rappers blasting Toto's "Africa" in the whip over the new Chief Keef tape. Nothing more ratchet than Toto's "Africa." Nothing.

Well, in Rick Ross' "911" video, the Rozay equivalent of the Beach Boys' "In My Room" (dude loves his Porsche 911), we catch a shot of Mr. Ross parked alongside the theater of a sold out Fiona Apple show. This led us to ponder a plethora of questions, like, is Rick Ross into Fiona Apple? If so, what's his favorite album? Is it her debut, Tidal, a flawed yet fuck-you album? Or is it her sophomore release, When the Pawn..., an awesome yet fuck-you album? 

After careful analysis of both songwriting and overall "uhhhhh" deliverables, County Grind figured out why exactly Rick Ross was at the Fiona Apple show.

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Ryan Morejon