Rick Scott's New Platform: Dubstep

The title of this posting is nearly as misleading as the title of Team Jaguar's new mixtape, Rick Scott Loves Dubstep. First of all, the Florida governor is less concerned about beats per minute than he is about bludgeoning public transportation money. Also, he didn't even get Justin Bieber to perform at his inauguration bash in January.

With a Photoshop job that's almost as impressive as the one we've gotten oodles of mileage out of featuring Charlie Crist, the appeal of Rick Scott Loves Dubstep goes well beyond the 21:21 amalgam of burly beats.

Posted by the Penned Madness crew over the weekend, these dental drill synths are ready to bore a hole in Scott's round dome.

Download the mix here, and stream it below.


Track Listing:

1. Emalkay - Powertool
2. Mimosa - Pushing Little Daises.
3. B. Rich - Everyday Hustle (AC Slater Remix)
4. Figure & Calvertron - Bring the Bass Back (Calvertron Remix)
5. Fast Eddie - Yo Yo Get Funky (Crissy Cris Remix)
6. Liquid Stranger - Bully
7. Man Like Me - London Town (Doorly Remix)
8. Hulk - Bad Bitches
9. Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now (JFB Remix)
10. Deadmau5 - I Remember (Caspa Remix)

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