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Ricky Martin Goes Back to the Studio

Ricky Martin is without question one of the most iconic performers in the world, let alone Latin music. He's one of a very select few superstars who couldn't likely make it down one block on any street anywhere across the globe without being recognized, and it's for good reason -- he's got quite a career behind him, including millions of records sold and accolades of both the Grammy and Latin Grammy persuasion, just to name a few. Not to mention having practically created the crossover, a trend quickly embarked upon by many others in his wake, a frenzied dedication to philanthropy, and just being an all around hell of a nice guy.

Which are all reasons fans will be thrilled to know that this Miami resident is back in the booth. Though 2006 saw the very successful release of his MTV Unplugged album and 2007 followed with a live album off his Black & White tour, it marks a four-year hiatus from studio recording, since the release of Life in 2005. The new album, which will feature tracks in both English and Spanish, is expected to be ready for spring of 2010, with a first single releasing near the beginning of the year.

Can't get enough of Ricky? Well, he's tweeting, peeps. Keep up.

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