Rihanna Drops Out of Life with Bong in Hand: Her Five Next Stoner Moves

At least once a week, Top 40 pop-rap-EDM megastar, Rihanna, reminds the internet that she smokes weed. A lot of it.

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When she's not posing for 420 friendly Instagram pix or puffin' trees at musical festivals, the Barbadian singer has been known to roll a blunt while smoking another one.

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We can see where this is going.

And we're luvin' it!

Here are five predictions for Rihanna's next big public displays of stonerdom.

5. Rihanna Will Start Rolling Frankenjoints Comprised of Roaches

Every time we see Ri hittin' that shit, it's wrapped. Be it tobacco leaf or rolling papers, this diva likes to smoke ganja the ol' fashioned way. Well, that's obviously not the most efficient use of your stash. Even bazillionaires wanna get their money's worth. It's only a matter of time before Rihanna starts stashing roaches in a smelly little box to unroll later.

4. Rihanna Will Start Lounging in Bean Bag Chairs

You see the girl pictured above? She is high as hell! And that's because, shit, it's her day off and she's been hitting the gravity bong since dawn. Professional budsmokers know that when you're too stoned To Be, sometimes it's best to collapse onto a bean bag chair.

3. Rihanna Will Get a Subscription to High Times

We wouldn't be surprised if Rihanna has already, like, been featured in High Times. Anyway, this is green dope's official rag. No pot dork can truly claim to love cannabis unless they have a subscription to High Times. Or read it for free at Barnes and Noble.

2. Rihanna Will Start Selling

Oodles of space bucks mean nothing when you've got need for wacky tobacky. Not even number one singles will be able to support a habit like the "Diamonds" singer's. She's gonna need to buy wholesale and smoke her profit.

1. Rihanna Will Get Into Aliens

A logical conclusion because where do you think marijuana came from in the first place?

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