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Rihanna's Sexy Text Messages to Robert Pattinson: A Sneak Peek

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Robert Pattinson may not be spending many more cold, lonely nights in his bed. At least, not if Rihanna has anything to do about it. According to OK! Magazine, RiRi got his digits from a mutual friend postbreakup and has been sending funny, sexy texts to cheer him up. Apparently, she always thought he was cute but never made any moves because it's not her style to steal someone else's man. However, sexting the heartbroken party before the wounds even have time to heal is an all-right move in her playbook.

We already know she's no stranger to throwing in a nude pic via text, so we can only imagine what the scandalous singer has been sending to the vampire's celly. Since none of these alleged texts has been released to us, the rabidly curious public, we created our own list of texts that Rihanna might have sent Robert Pattinson.

Text Message 1: "So, where have you been all my life?"

Text Message 2: "Fifty Shades of Grey?! Have you seen my "S&M" video?"

Text Message 3: "Does everything sparkle?"

Text Message 4: "You be Eric and I'll be Sookie? :-E" 

Text Message 5: [Insert photo of RiRi wearing nothing but plastic fangs]

Text Message 6: "I've never been much for werewolves. I'm more of a fangbanger." 

Text Message 7: "Wanna be the Rude Boy in my California King Bed?"

Text Message 8: "How about we reenact some of those scenes from Cosmopolis?" 

Text Message 9: "We should have our own private party after the VMAs on Sunday. I'll bring the bloody marys, you bring the sparkle." 

Text Message 10: "My album isn't titled Good Girl Gone Bad for no reason. ;)" 

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