With Pickett via trashfever.com
With Pickett via trashfever.com

R.I.P., David Shibler 1955 - 2010, Bassist for Charlie Pickett and the Turbines

Moments after my Blast From the Past piece on Charlie Pickett's If This Is Love, Can I Get My Money Back? EP posted yesterday, I was informed by my friend Margaret Griffis that bassist David Shibler had passed away this past May from complications of diabetes and food poisoning. Shibler was a well-known fixture of the South Florida music scene in the late '70s and early '80s before relocating to Boston and achieving (again) cult status with rock 'n' roll outfit the Turbines.

Shibler was known for his love of books, film, and art. He was a graduate of the Massachusetts School of Art in graphic design and was employed by Disney. He is survived by his father, two sisters, and a brother. There is a clip of him performing a reunion show with the Turbines after the jump, filmed a week before his passing. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and many, many fans.


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