RIP, GWAR Guitarist Flattus Maximus! GWAR's Top Five Assaults on Pop Culture

Cory Smoot -- AKA Flattus Maximus of apocalyptic punk-metal extravaganza GWAR -- died yesterday from still-unknown causes while traveling into Canada on the band's tour bus.

Many have allowed the Maximus essence to use their body as a medium. But Smoot holds a special place in our hearts for being the Flattus who performed when we saw GWAR (with Cattle Decapitation!) in Fort Lauderdale in 2002.

Ah, yes. That magical night, Saddam Hussein performed a striptease and was then disemboweled before our very eyes. A friend's glasses were blown straight off of his face from one of lead singer Oderus Urungus' firehose-pressure ejaculations.

There's nothing quite like the cartoonish mayhem of GWAR in concert. But GWAR fans know what's coming and revel in the mayhem. Some of the band's finest moments have come from its incursions into mainstream consciousness, where norms and squares can't hide from its seriously sick sci-fi assault.

After the jump, GWAR's Top Five Assaults on Pop Culture. RIP, Cory Smoot!

5. GWAR Crashes Zombie Walk

Every October, GWAR should take all of October off from touring and
scourging the Earth and lead every zombie walk in every major city in
North America. You know that's gotta be at least like two per city. We think it would make these Hot Topic-y flashmobs way less lame.

4. GWAR's Phallus in Wonderland

Flattus Maximus didn't actually appear in Phallus, but this
hourlong GWAR-sterpiece almost won a damned Grammy! Can you imagine the
acceptance speech? Furthermore, the Grammys really blew it by not
asking the band to perform. Now that Flattus is gone, we're afraid we'll
never see GWAR on stage with Elton John performing a Jacko-Winehouse
tribute medley.

3. GWAR Supports the Troops

GWAR! Hoo! Good God! What is it good for?

A: Puttin' on a show.

2. GWAR on Springer

G.G. Allin was a purebred scumbag, and when he made the talk show Shock
rounds, he was professing a sincere ideology of hate and fecality.
GWAR, on the other hand, were art students with a budget, and their
Jerry Springer appearance is correspondingly conceptual and hilarious.

1. GWAR (+ "Special" Brownies) versus Mark from Empire Records

Mark (with a k) was the first fictional male role model of our
tween-to-teen years. Which explains why our entire existence consists of
ganja food and GWAR videos.

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Matt Preira