R.I.P. Peter Steele of Type O Negative, 1962 - 2010

via myspace.com/typeonegative
Peter Steele is second from right in this 2006 photo of his band Type O Negative.
​We're a fourth of the way in and 2010 taketh more than it giveth. And this time it's no lame or naïve PR attempt, this time the bad news is as true as the 1995 Playgirl centerfold that shocked some of Type O Negative's goth-metal fanbase. The band's frontman, Petrus Ratajczyk, a.k.a. Peter Steele, is dead at age 48, reportedly of heart failure.

Countless bootlegs and six full-lengths are the legacy of the outfitt Steele led through 21 years of riffs and mayhem that creatively incorporated early punk, hardcore, goth, and doom. Call it alternative metal with a glam twist. Like all good frontmen, Steele came replete with colorful explosions stemming from clinical depression and devout Catholicism with an atheist edge. In fact, initial reports of his death were initially met with some skepticism -- Steele had pulled a fake death as a publicity stunt back in 2005. Sadly, this time, that isn't the case. Check out some videos of the statuesque necromancer after the jump.

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