R.I.P. South Beach Club Legend Gilbert Stafford

From New York to Miami, Gilbert Stafford graced clubland with his discerning elegance and dry wit.
​Miami's nightlife industry is mourning the loss of Gilbert Stafford, who passed away yesterday in Los Angeles. He was 57-years-old.
During the '90s and early part of the decade, Stafford played a prominent role in South Beach clubland, manning the velvet ropes to the only parties that mattered.

When it came to being a club doorman, Stafford set the standard. In a 2004 New York Times article, he summed up his gig with this pearl of wisdom:

"This job requires the patience of Mother Theresa and the snap cruelty of Judge Judy."

But there was more to the man than crushing egos after midnight.

He was a strong-willed, authentic intellectual gentleman in a world full of posers and fakers.

So tonight when you order your first drink at the bar, make it a Dewar's scotch and water in Stafford's honor.

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