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RIP The Buzz 103.1 -- Goodbye South Florida Rock Shows?

The future of rock radio is currently in question in South Florida with CBS eliminating the rock format of 103.1

The Buzz to a possibly sexist playlist geared towards today's chart topping "hits" minus rap. This sudden change comes

only days after the station put on their annual Buzz Bake Sale concert.

Currently, via the stations' official website, they are encouraging people to tune in via a smart phone

app provided by or to tune into 103.1-2 on HD Radio. Though we're in different times, this

sounds a little familiar? Zeta anyone? Revolution managing partner Jeff John could definitely see it coming too.

When Clear Channel changed the format of Miami's 94.9 Zeta to Latin and Reggaeton in 2005, they encouraged

fans to head to their website where they could still listen to the style of music that was a part of their

playlist. After a while that avenue

disappeared as well because a great deal of us listen to radio stations through our car

stereo, not at our computers. Though tons of people do use their smart phones for entertainment value more than actually talking, it's

most likely only a matter of time before CBS sadly decides to end its life as well.

The other casualty to come out of this won't be quite so easy to detect at first, but the Buzz's demise will certainly take away from our local rock concert offerings -- and it has already begun. Here's why:

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