Rittz and Crooked I Come to Propaganda with Help From a Nastie Friend

The sometimes-glorious, often-notorious Miami rapper-slash-actor Notorious Nastie is an enigma. And we're no Alan Turing, but we think we've sort of cracked the code to South Florida's underground hip-hop scene by letting Nastie drop his insight on us like a firebomb.

Notorious Nastie brands himself a nightlife impresario and entertainer. His website, notoriousnastie.com, depicts his many ventures with the same whim and zeal as his correspondences. He's a Jack of some trades and a master of being straight-up Nastie.

This weekend, he's hosting a hip-hop party on Friday and Saturday nights at Miami's Grand Central and Lake Worth's Propaganda, respectively. Underground rappers like Rittz and Crooked I will hit the stage with local acts like Guapo and Jacc. The show should be real, raw, and — of course — nasty like we like it.


With Crooked I and Otto von Schirach. 8 p.m. Saturday, May 30, at Propaganda, 6 S. J St., Lake Worth. Call 561-547-7273, or visit propagandalw.com. Tickets cost $25 plus fees via ticketfly.com.

We caught up with the man responsible for bringing this party to Palm Beach County — an area that could severely use some more live hip-hop — to see what it takes to throw a great fucking party.

New Times: What got you into hosting underground hip-hop parties?

Notorious Nastie: I'm super down with the strange music family, and I've grinded with strange music artists since the jump. It only made sense for me to host this show. I love this shit. I've always been drawn to a very alternative type of hip-hop. I guess that's what happens when you grow up in Hialeah listening to B.I.G. and Bauhaus.

What's the booking process like?

First step is to not talk about your booking process cuz these motherfuckers are quick to try to snatch your hustle.

Who are some of your favorite artists you've hosted?

I was entertaining Andy Rourke, the bass player from the Smiths, back in the day and he became my BFF number one. Now he’s the godfather to my kid type of shit. And my BFF number two is obviously my brother from the Bermuda triangle, Otto Von Schirach.

What makes a good party?

Lots of ladies with relaxed moral attitudes, 2 Live Crew, and plenty of Jägermeister.

What can people expect from the Grand Central and Propaganda shows?

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Crooked I is the fastest rapper I've ever seen, so it'll be twice as satisfying as an average hip-hop show. Did I mention my brother, Otto Von Schirach? Plus you have Miami rappers Guapo and Jacc, who are the future Rittz and Crooked I's of the world. They'll all take the stage together at Propaganda in Lake Worth. It's like an atomic bomb of underground hip-hop.

Care to share a wild story from one of your events?

There was this fairy-tale event with Three 6 Mafia and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony on stage together for the first time since squashing their beef. We had Gary Busey’s nephew, Mike Busey, who once got arrested in a Santa suit. Google that shit. Dare I forget the two-dozen naked Busey Babes and that enormous guy from the “Lap Band Dance" video? Sprinkle in a bit of your boy the Notorious Nastie and all my ninjas. The rest, my friend, is history.

Broward and Palm Beach lack in live rap concerts, particularly featuring local artists. Why? How do you change that?

In Miami, there are police but in Broward and Palm Beach, you have "sheriffs." Hip-hop artists have a phobia of law enforcement on horseback. But listen, some underground rappers from 954 and 561 are ridiculously fresh. Malc Stewy, Skitzo da Boss, Heightz, Web 3. I fucks with them. In regards to a change, I tell you what I'd tell crackheads when they ask for change: Change comes from within, bro. 

Rittz, Crooked I, and Otto Von. Saturday, May 30, at Propaganda, 6 South J Street, Lake Worth. 18 and over. Tickets cost $25 via ticketfly.com. Visit propagandalw.com or call 561-547-7273 for more info.

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