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Robb Bank$: Hip-Hop Artist and Anime Superfan (VIDEO)

If there's a hip-hop artist that we're totally comfortable representing Broward County, it's definitely Robb Bank$. He's young, his sound is fresh, and he raps about things everybody, from nerds to tough motherfuckers, can relate to. Including anime. That's right. Anime.

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Bank$ is a huge fan. Though typically thought of as high-level geek shit, these days, most people under the age of 30 grew up with Dragon Balls, Pokémon, and Gundum Wing. And no one's judging. ;But either way, Bank$ thought he'd come out of his anime closet with New Times at, well, where else, but megastore Tate's Comics.

While playing with various toys and trinkets around the store, we grilled him on Sailor Moon's level of sexiness and his relationship with the Raider Klan and Spaceghostpurrp. Watch us geek out with Robb Bank$ before he gets too big to remember our, or Sailor Moon's, names.

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