Rock at the Falls (Yes, the Mall) This Saturday With Dear Dad, Yours Truly

​Yes, we did a double-take, too, when we saw that venue name. It's the Falls, as in, the sleepy Kendall mall. No, it doesn't exactly scream rock and roll, but there are a lot of the all-ages set dwelling around there, so why not? Rocking the Simon-franchise shoppers this weekend is the local foursome Dear Dad, Yours Truly

Despite the vaguely Warped Tour-sounding name, this young quartet is actually ripe for the "active rock" radio format, with moody compositions that skillfully traverse the gap between subdued verse and anthemic chorus. With every other late-teen/early-twentysomething outfit trying to play a multi-hyphenated sub-sub-genre, it's an interesting change of pace to see an under-30 group tackle what can simply be called hard rock.

Dear Dad, Yours Truly. 8 p.m. Saturday, April 17. The Falls, 8888 SW 136th St., Miami. Admission is free; 305-255-4570;  


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