Rock 'n' Roll Ladies Night with Avenida Zero, All the Pretty Cars, The Reckless Dames, and DJ Sweetswirl

Green Room nightclub, the growing epicenter of the Fort Lauderdale's live music scene is hosting a girls' night of rock on this Saturday. 

The event, appropriately called "Ladies That Rock," is a tribute to all of the fabulous female-fronted bands of yesterday, today, and tomorrow who have helped shape the often male-dominated music industry. Think bad asses like Joan Jett and The Runaways circa 1976 meets No Doubt and Paramore -- need we say more?

The line-up of fierce performers are all headed up by lovely and talented ladies. There's Latin pop/punk five-some Avenida Zero, fronted by lead singer Lisa Abreu. Abreu agrees that Joan Jett exudes everything that is bad-ass, noting the frontwoman's influence on her own music. Madonna is another leading lady that Abreu admires, saying, "When I first discovered her (at age 8), I knew I wanted to be an artist/performer for the rest of my life." No arguments there. We think Madonna rules too!

All the Pretty Cars will also join ranks in the femme fest, jamming out with their reggae-esque tunes sung by Gea Gamboa, one of the two ladies in the band (the other is Stephanie Freeman, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist). The ladies of ATPC note Joan Jett, Shirley Manson, and Brode Dalle of The Distillers as influences -- those whose "energy and intellect fuel my creativity," Gamboa tells us. Emily Haines of Metric is also a favorite, as is multi-talented folk songstress Ani DiFranco.

The band's drummer, Carlos Martinez, also admires skills rather than lady lumps, "What the hell are those anyways?"

That leads us to burlesque divas The Reckless Dames. They will also be strutting their stuff for the estrogen-pumped festivities, along with the non-stop dance tunes delivered by DJ Sweetswirl. But don't let their gender fool you, all of these women aren't afraid to kick ass (when they need to) and take names (if they even wanted them in the first place).

Green Room is located at 102 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Saturday night's event is free, doors at 11p.m. with drink specials all night. Follow Green Room's official Facebook for more events. 

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