Rock of Ages Trailer Breakdown: Hollywood Hard Rock and Overtown Representing

If you're an avid County Grind reader, you know that I was an extra in Rock of Ages, the über-
glam '80s musical that overtook South Florida last summer. By overtook, we mean, totally shat paint and props all over Dade and Broward counties. In the movie trailer, you'll see glimpses of a made-over, gussied-up Overtown. For instance, starting at :36, the magic of Hollywood, a vacant street where you once scored heroin somehow becomes Sunset Boulevard, packed with people -- also likely looking for heroin.

The internet is abuzz talking all about Maverick's voice in the trailer (at 2:02), where he's singing some JBJ "Wanted Dead or Alive," but, we already knew he could "sing." We heard it for ourselves live. His voice we might qualify as "aight."

We've marked down all the points in the trailer where you might see our little head bouncing in the crowd at the Hard Rock Live venue. Since you care, here they are :23, :26, 1:02, 1:06, 1:26, 1:28, 1:40, 1:47 to 1:54, 1:58 to 2:11. 

I didn't even know Alec Baldwin was in this movie, but if I'm gonna see it, it's to see myself, Alec, and maybe Diego Boneta. He looks kinda cute in that trailer there for a sec. One person guaranteed to overdo it is Russell Brand. At 1:08, he's eating toilet paper out of a toilet. I've seen plenty of wild shit go down in a bar bathroom, but why eat toilet paper? This is what happens when you're Russell Brand, I suppose. 

Final comment on the trailer. At :44 to :46, could Stacee Jaxx, i.e., Tom Cruise, look more like a guy who just spent three days huffing poppers that fell into a homeless drag queen's wardrobe, stumbled out and is now wandering around looking for a place to pee? Watch it again and think about what I'm saying here.  

The film opens June 15. Can't wait to see me!

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