Rockea en Espanol, Sending Love to Haiti Tonight

​You guys all know all about Jazid and MiamiAlterLatino.com's International Thursdays parties, right? Here's hoping you've even partaken of the good times to be had at Fiesta Colombiana two weeks back and the Argentine shindig last Thursday. Well, the series continues tonight with a third installment paying homage to a nation you won't find on the map--the nation of rock. Or in this party's case, Rockea en Español/Send Love to Haiti.

Groups like Soda Estereo, Café Tacvba, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and Jaguares gave the angst-ridden and disenfranchised teens across Latin America a voice in much the same way rock groups did for us here, only they were paving the way for what was then a fledgling genre. Now all grown up, and comprising a huge piece of the Latin music culture pie, Rock en Español has come a long way. Doing their part in the name of rock tonight, and also doing their part to help the cause in Haiti, Panorama, Vecinos de la Noche and Jivan Barreto. And they'll be sending love to Haiti in the form of canned food, medicine or cash, all of which can be donated at the door.

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