Rockers in Recovery Band's Ricky Byrd Describes Himself as: "Somewhere Between Keith Richards and Jerry Lewis"

Formerly, and most famously, the guitarist and musical point-man of Joan Jett's band, the Blackhearts, Ricky Byrd has been called into the service of rock music royalty like the Who's Roger Daltrey, Ian Hunter, and Southside Johnny. 

A product of the 1970s New York music scene, Byrd lived out his dreams, toured the world, and worked with his heroes. Unfortunately, those dreams came with the not uncommon side effect of addiction. Now celebrating over 25 years in recovery, Byrd has dedicated much of his time to awareness and fundraising efforts, working with the Rockers in Recovery All Star Band to help those still on their path to the other side.

Byrd also recently took on the role of frontman, and is currently riding the high of his his critically acclaimed debut solo release, Lifer. We caught up with the New York-bred rocker in anticipation of the RIR band's performance this coming Friday at Fort Lauderdale's Revolution Live to discuss his new album, rock 'n' roll life while dealing with addiction, and how "pirate music" will always be "pirate music." 

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David Von Bader