Rockout With Your Cookout: Free BBQ and Upbeat Jams, Anyone?

​Whether you spend this weekend losing your mind at Ultra down in Miami or partying elsewhere, by the time Sunday evening rolls around, you just might find yourself in need of some nourishment. If so, you may find what you're longing for up at the Hurricane Bar and Lounge in Delray Beach.

There, the good folks at Brotherly Love Productions will be providing nutritious and delicious vibes and eats at their weekly wonderfully named Rockout With Your Cookout party. As always, the event will feature free BBQ -- omnivore and veggie-friendly -- as well as a good-time band.

This week, North Carolina acoustic surf quartet Bag of Toys will be serving up the sounds. The band is Jack Johnsonesque, heavy on the positivity, and it's currently touring the East Coast. If you watch TV or surf videos, you may recognize a tune or two, as their music has made its way into both forms of media.

This video will give you a good idea of what this band, which originated in San Francisco in 2004, is about. Their philosophy is summed up nicely at the end:

"Surfing is neat. Guitar is cool. Not working is good. Being in a band is rad."

You'll either be in the mood for them after your long weekend or not. There will be no in between, especially if you are very low on serotonin for some reason after attending Ultra.

Anyhow, here's a dangerously catchy little jam from Bag of Toys.

Rockout With Your Cookout featuring Bag of Toys. 6 p.m. Sunday, March 25, at Hurricane Bar and Lounge, 640 E. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach. Admission is free. Click here.

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