Romantic Art with "Love on an Escalator" Comes to Art and Culture Center of Hollywood

We may be hardened a-holes over here at

County Grind

, but we still leave a little room in our bitter lives for making out.

And, perverts that we are, sometimes we even create free time for watching other people smooch. That's why there's no way we're missing out on Antonia Wright and Ruben Millares' "Love on an Escalator" video screening tonight at Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. 

These two performance artists taped themselves tonguing it around town, documenting onlookers' reactions. We asked Millares what the best reaction they got from their "audience" was. He said, "The

contagious make out. Another couple got on an escalator behind us and

began making out too!" Those crazy kids. You'd have thought, too, that things got too steamy out there during their embraces, but according to the male artist of the pair: "No, we are complete professionals." Sure... 

According to their statement, this video asks: "Why do

kids stare? Adult women sneer? Men high five? And in some situations, no

one looks at all... Why does an innocent kiss cause such

confusion? Why is this act challenging?" Wright and Millares are a living sculpture of intimacy amidst a world of judgement. When locking lips in a boat show, they say they "change the landscape of normal consumer culture."
We had to know though, is there any public display of affection that makes Millares cringe? "Not really," he said, "it's actually nice to see when two old folks go at

it. Maybe when a girl is straddling some guy on a chair at a

restaurant." Ain't that the truth.

"Love on an Escalator" is showing alongside Elisabeth Condon's "The Seven Seas," Millree Hughes and Peter Boyd McLean's "Lummox," and Rosemarie Chiarlone and Susan Weiner's "Obstruction." The opening is tonight, 6 to 9 p.m. on Nov. 9 at Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, 1650 Harrison Street, Hollywood.

The show is up through Art Basel Miami Beach and closes Jan. 13, 2013.

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