Roni Size Tops Big Drum and Bass Lineup at Revolution

Roni Size was the champion of electronica sub-genre drum and bass (DnB) at dirty clubs in the late '90s and early '00s. With the release of New Forms in 1997 with Reprezant, a drum and bass collective he founded, Size won widespread acclaim. After the album's release, music critics and electronica fans went gaga for the hip-hop, breakbeat, DnB medley he emitted from the turntables.

Size's star was so big that he even won the Mercury Music Prize, a yearly honor bestowed upon the artist with the finest album in the United Kingdom or Ireland — other recipients include Portishead, Suede, Pulp, and PJ Harvey. Mirroring the dark, smoky, sweaty underbelly of ravers' paradise, Size's music contains what sounds like a lot of schizophrenic constructions, rapid-fire pacing, jungle rhythms, and sirens synonymous with DnB.

This funk-filled cocktail will be a full-body workout for anyone who isn't shy about hitting the dance floor. Nostalgic for rave culture, failed to live it the first (or second) time around, or just want to hear some monstrous bass reverberate through your bones...? Roni Size is that rare treat. Even if you don't like — putting it crudely — techno.

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Erica K. Landau