Roofless Records and Rat Bastard Bring Strange Days to Bar Tomorrow Night

Decapitated goats floating in Biscayne Bay, teens arrested for rapping at the drive-thru, knife-wielding psychos turning berserk because the jukebox isn't loud enough, teachers crafting geometry lessons based on "hypothetical" Obama assassination plots, daddies trading their babies for beer, robots replacing priests ... It's a weird, weird, weird world indeed.

So why not weird music? On that front, Roofless Records has always got you covered. And starting this Thursday at 9 p.m., label boss Matt Preira and his mostly local legion of coconspirators will be bringing the first edition of a new third Thursday thing called Strange Days to BAR. The official word paints the party as "a monthly showcase featuring eclectic lineups drawing from (but not limited to) weird rock, noise, international folk, post-punk, psychedelia, improvisation, and experimental performance."

Currently booked for tomorrow night: Rat Bastard, Pravda v Glaza, the President (formerly the Ghost of Dirty), Self & Other, and Dracula. Otherwise, expect the unexpected. You know, bloody discoveries, out-of-control cops, desperate drunks, etc.

Thursday, May 20. BAR, 28 NE 14th St., Miami. Things get strange at 9 p.m., and it's totally free. 305-358-3600; BAR on Facebook.

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S. Pajot
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